Jackson Laskowski

Our Vision

The Jackson Laskowski Keep HOPE Alive Fund is a non-profit organization (EIN 82-1107900) that was originally created to help assist Jackson’s family in his fight against cancer. From the beginning the vision went beyond Jackson and focused on the other families in pediatric oncology and hematology who are struggling to fight cancer head on amidst the emotional and financial battles that are waged daily as the war on cancer takes its toll.

The monies raised through this fund are used to help cover the cost of treatment NOT PAID by insurance, as well as provide for the continual costs of medical care such as deductibles, prescription drugs, and household living expenses which often take their toll as parents struggle to maintain jobs and budgets.

The mission of the Jackson Laskowski Keep HOPE Alive Fund is to assist families like ours in their financial battle so maybe one more war on cancer can be won.